Money takes care of complicated exchange, but are you spending your money wisely?

Budget Leaf Daily Expense Tracker is an actionable and practical tool. You can transform your spending from impulsive habits to responsible peace of mind.

It allows you to track and spend intentionally with every dollar; in return you will be in total control of your finances and ultimately your life.


How we're different

  • Tool for success

    You don't need a robot to tell you what to do with your money. You want to make decisions that are important for you. Once you experience the peace that comes with being in control of your finances, you will never look back.

  • Proven Method

    Our three (3) step guide is the key, the magic, the secret sauce, if you will. Learn our method and be on your way to better money management. Spend freely without hesitation.

  • Personal Support

    We're invested in your success, this is why our daily expense tracker is loaded with motivational quotes and spending tips. This is the tool you need to start and maintain a successful budget. 


Will tracking my expenses help with maintaining my budget?

A budget is having a plan for your money and we at Budget Leaf like to say that tracking your expenses is the blue print for that plan. Before you can tell your money where to go (budget), you first need to know where its going (expense tracking). With our Daily Expanse Tracker, confidently spend your money. You're the boss. When you earn money, you prioritize how you'll use it and then simply follow your plan. Tracking your spending is the first step to financial freedom. 

How do I track my spending if I have a variable income and/or untraditional pay cycle?

This is one of the wonderful benefits of Budget Leaf Daily Expense Tracker. Our three step guide applies to any and all pay cycles. If you are paid monthly, you'll write down your paycheck at the beginning of the month or on the day you get paid. You'll do the same if you get paid weekly (or whenever you recieve money). Start tracking your daily spending. Consider how much money you have for the period and ask yourself " What does this money need to do before I get paid again?"

How do I break the pay-check to pay-check cycle?

By tracking your spending and cutting back in areas that's not serving you. Budget Leaf Daily Expense Tracker allows you to track and categorize your spending based on your needs and wants. Once you have identify your spending pattern, you can make a plan to increase your income while living on less. 

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