5 Career Fields In Demand This Decade

Written by Shekinah Ade-Gold on behalf of Budget Leaf

Getting A Degree/ Certification

It has become popular knowledge in society today that not everyone needs a degree to become successful. It is also a known fact that entrepreneurship isn’t a great fit for everyone. People who argue for the school system say that it prepares students for more professional and fulfilling lives, while those who are not in support claim that the school system only molds workers and subservient citizens, not business owners. In this myriad of choices one can make, it is wise to know which fields of study are increasing in value in society as we progress; this is how you will know what path is right for you.

Health Care

Health care will definitely take on more importance, as we can see happening currently in the corona virus pandemic and its global effects. The human body can be affected in many ways for a variety of reasons, and we will always need health care professionals who can advise us in the ways to be healthy and strong. It is important to note that people are living longer these days, and as such, we are finding out new things about our physical, spiritual and mental make up every day.

Jobs roles include: Nurses, Surgeons, Physicians, Medical Service Managers, Physical Therapists, Dental Hygienists, Physical Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Dentists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Sonographers, Veterinarians, Optometrists, and Chiropractors.


With longer lifespans, we will need help in managing our accumulating wealth and growing our financial abilities. With more ways for people to be scammed in this day and age, it is important to be vigilant in watching how your money is spent, and who has access to it. Jobs in this field will not be going obsolete in the near future.

Job roles include: Accountants, Auditors, Management Consultants, Finance Managers, Finance Advisors, Financial Analysts, Financial Specialists, and Actuaries.

Information Technology

Along with the changes this decade will bring are new ways of getting things done. Technology is the leading frontier in development and innovation, and in some way or another, we all have to operate within this field. Some are able to understand software and applications more than others, and this is their time to thrive.

Job roles include: Software Developers, Information Technology Managers, Operations Research Analysts, Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, Database Administrators, Statisticians, Technical Writers, and Computer and Information Scientists.


Engineers are the ones who produce a lot of the infrastructure we take for granted. From our homes and offices to our vehicles and water systems, engineers design majority of what makes society run in an efficient manner. If you are into problem solving on a large scale, using mostly natural resources, then this is a field you may be interested in.

Job roles include: Construction Managers, Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers and Petroleum Engineers.

Human Resources/Management

Humans are very important to our society; indeed, much of society would not be what it is without human beings taking part in it and shaping its development. Since we form society as it is now, we are the ones who are changing the world – and evidence of this can be seen in these career fields where more value is being placed. However, before one can really apply him/herself to any job in particular, they have to be moulded, guided and sometimes managed. This is how our human resources are developed to get the best potential.

Job roles include: College Professors, Administrative Services Managers, Marketing Managers

and College and University Education Administrators.

The Takeaway

These fields are an indication of careers that will rise in demand during the next 5 – 10 years. You may have seen a few options that you liked, or maybe you didn’t see your career of interest. While we are free to choose what we pursue, and while there are exceptions in all cases, it is important to remember that our career choices will affect our ability to earn, our perceived value in society, and the rewards we get from years of long and hard work. Please find the balance between what you like, and what is necessary. A good blend will carry you a far way.

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