Employee vs entrepreneur mindset - which do you have?


In order to get any work done at all, there are people who make ideas and visions come to life. These people are often divided into two main categories – employees and entrepreneurs. The two groups contribute to the success of any business, and with good reason as they work cohesively to establish themselves in their field.


For some people, knowing that all they have to do is wake up and go to work is absolutely fine with them. These individuals prefer job stability, and find solace in the fact that their duties have been outlined, their roles have been defined, and they help to drive the company forward by staying in their lane and doing commendable work. Employees tend to specialize in specific areas of knowledge, and are much better at executing ideas than coming up with them. They enjoy taking holidays from working, and are focused on maintaining the quality of their work so they can increase their financial security. In this way, their purpose is fulfilled; this helps them

to commit even more to their roles as workers.


Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, love taking risks. They usually lead the employees, developing plans and ideas that will then be carried out by the different departments of the company. They usually get paid last, since maintaining the business comes first, and use holidays to work with less chances of being distracted. Entrepreneurs tend to know a little bit about everything, which makes it easier for them to visualize the company working as a whole unit. They hardly have time for social interactions, and usually spend their waking hours in the pursuit of a goal that is yet to be realized.

Which is Better?

Sometimes, making a comparison can defeat the purpose of seeing the bigger picture. The reality is, we were all made differently, and this also involves how we work. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is definitely what is needed to see the direction of the business, confidently put plans in place to execute the idea and have alternative options ready just in case. However, all these ideas have to be carried out by someone, and this is how employees prove to be valuable. This is why some business owners may not have a degree, but tend to hire people who do; both parties have to play their part so the business can actually grow. One without the other is counterproductive.

The Takeaway

In our world today, we are beginning to realize the possibility that some people like to make their own way, and some like to work for others. We can be successful with either choice, and can even play both roles at once depending on what we do for a living. There are pros and cons to each side, but both aspects come together to make a business work. As long as there is respect and transparency, and money is being earned, it best to stick with your strength - whether you are an employee or entrepreneur.

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