From Cutting Tables to International Contracts with Anita Frazer

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Written by Shekinah Ade-Gold for Budget Leaf

"Naomi: Avec Amour is a Women’s Wear/ Ready to Wear brand that focuses on

interchangeability. I fell in love with fashion while watching my mom create what I believed was

magic when I watched her sew. That, too, became my passion and the process of creating a

garment made me understand the magic behind fashion. Brand Naomi: Avec Amour is now the

foundation of 3 generations of fashion through time, and will be my legacy.” – Anita Frazer

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How did you move from the cutting tables of Edna Manley College to signing international contracts with SHEIN?

“I truly believe that this was destined to happen the moment I stepped into the Fashion department. I knew my design aesthetics were different and I think that’s what led me to where I am now.

Is entrepreneurship expensive?

“It can be at first but knowing how to budget for raw materials you need will allow you to save the next time around.”

How did you seek financial advice for growing your business?

“I did my research and JBDC had a hand in this part. They provide financial advisors to help you not only understand your expenses but to prepare you for growth in your business.”

What does having support mean to you?

“It means more than you can ever imagine. It doesn’t even have to be physical support, as it is important either way.”

Do you have any words for people trying to build a business without resources?

“Don’t think for a second your business is less than others. Your idea and business will make someone’s life easier, better, complete and in due time it will grow. No matter what you think you can’t do, you can exceed that expectation.”

How can our readers contact you for more information?

My cellphone number is 876-427-8649

Social Media handles:

IG: @naomi_avec_amour

FB: Naomi: Avec Amour



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