GET UNSTUCK! with the Productivity Queen - Althea Walters

GET UNSTUCK! with the Productivity Queen - Althea Walters written by Kareen Hall on behalf of Budget Leaf

We caught up with the 'Productivity Queen' Althea Walters creator of the Goal Tracker who shared with us her best practices for goal setting, mental health and productivity hacks.

What is your Career background?

My career journey includes experience in the field of General Administration, Executive

Management Support, General Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resource

Development Training, Coaching, Event Planning and Entrepreneurship. I focus mainly on

Training and Coaching both Corporate and individuals. My corporate training arm mainly

focuses on leadership and improving productivity and Time Management. My individual and

business coaching focuses on improving productivity and achieving goal success.

What inspires you?

I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and seeing persons progress from their starting point

to a higher level in achieving their goals or improving their productivity. Nothing beats when

I get a testimonial to say how I have shifted their thinking and made it much easier for them

to execute their goals through my goal success coaching and training. These successes inspire

me to do more to impact even more persons.

How did you get started in your business?

I used to focus on soft skills such as leadership, time management and so on, but in 2017, I

got an epiphany/break through to really work out a process and structure to plan out my own

big goal (starting corporate training business), so that I could remain focused, find ways to

improve my productivity (so I could find more time to pursue my goal), and also

incorporating some form of coaching for success. In a nutshell, that is how I ended up with

starting My Goal Tracker – A Coaching Service and Productivity Tool to help persons write

down their goals, remain focused and track down their achievements.

What services do you offer?

I offer services such as:

a. Goal Success Coaching (help persons to plan and achieve their goals)

b. Goal Planning Workshops

c. Time Management and Productivity Training/Coaching (help persons move from

being overwhelmed to be organized)

d. Business Success Coaching (for startups and entrepreneurs)

e. Leaderships and Management Training

In your view how easy is goal setting?

Goal setting is not as easy as it sounds. It is an action plan designed to motivate or guide a

person or group towards working on a goal. I wish I knew what I know now about goal

setting and planning about ten to fifteen years ago! My life and business success would have

by now “fuppled” ( according to popular Jamaican comedian, Oliver Samuels), at least four times it is today.

How would you demystify the ' goal setting is useless ' myth?

People are at different levels in their lives. One of the key things to making that big step to

achieving your goals even before you reach goal setting/planning is self-awareness. If you

don’t think you need it, then that’s just the place you are at, at that point in time. Some

persons will dismiss the thought of goal setting, thinking they can achieve what they are

doing without goal setting, while others may think it will take up too much of their time.

Goal setting brings clarity of thought, enhances your execution plan, and keeps you focused

and on track to achieving your goals. There would have been steps that you could have

caught early if you took the time to set your goals which would limit the amount of failures

that you may have. Goal setting also takes the chaos out of your mind, so you think clearer in

the execution of your goals. Through goal setting you can actually move a little faster as the

plan is already laid out.

What goal setting has done for me and my business, as well as how I have helped persons on

their journey has just been mind-blowing.

What are goal setting best practices?

Let me share a few goal practices with you. First thing to do is schedule or block your time

when you will be doing your goal setting and goal planning. You should always pause to plan

your goal when you get a new big idea (trust me, it will be worth it). Another thing to do is to

get rid of all distractions and find a quiet place to plan if you are doing it by yourself. If you

are planning with others, make sure it is with people of like-mind. No negative energy please.

Lastly, have faith in the process and believe that you can actually do a good plan that you will


What are 5 goal setting habits do you and your family practice?

My family and I also practice goal setting habits like I described above. Additionally, we

brainstorm on our goals and plans then we put pen to paper. We do not plan when we are

tired, so we pick a day and time that suits our energy and choose the right environment that is

critical to increase our level of focus and energy. We practice manifestations, so we already

have the mindset to know that we can achieve all the goals that we set out to plan.

How can readers break down their goals into actionable steps for success in 2021 and the future?

You can break down your goals into three actionable steps for success in 2021:

1. Be clear on the end-goal that you want to achieve.

2. Ask yourself, what do I need to be doing now, versus next month, versus next three

months or next year (based on the tenure of your goal), in order to achieve that big


3. For each time period that you have identified, further ask yourself, what else do I do

to support the process to achieve that action next month, next three months, next year

etc.? (When you do this you find smaller and smaller action plans coming to the


Repeat that process…but the secret is in writing down everything.

How would you advise readers to overcome the lack of motivation when achieving goals?

Motivation is a good enabler to have when focusing on your goals. However, the truth is that

motivation can run out. It is always good to ensure that you have internal motivation first

before any external motivation. As when the external motivator disappear then you are left

hanging or stuck! So always check yourself – what is my internal motivation to pursue this


Persons can ensure that their motivation is internal but ensure that they have SOLID

processes and structure to support the execution of their goals. For example, make sure that

you have set day(s) and time when you will be working on your goals, and that should be

whether you are motivated or not. The date is the date and it should only change in times of


That leads me to developing the discipline and routine to always work on your goals. Once

you show your own commitment to yourself, then you can move mountains! It starts with

internal motivation, setting up yourself to win and maintaining the discipline to work on your


What are 5 mental health habits readers should implement to avoid burn out this year?

Protecting your mind and your health is so important. Persons can do the following to help

avoid burnout:

1. Know how much you can manage and do not try to do more than you have capacity


2. Make sure there is a day/time that you identify to relax and relax your mind

3. Set boundaries. Do not sacrifice these boundaries and this can apply to executing your

goals, in your life, relationships and also at work

4. Write down everything! Avoid cluttering the mind and brain dumping on a regular

basis keeps you sane

5. Take time to sit in silence and meditate. There is magic there.

What are 8 things readers should do to master their time so they stay productive?

Here are 8 things you should do to master your time to stay productive:

1. Set boundaries

2. Schedule time for specific things and actions

3. Work when you have the most energy so you can stay focused

4. Read productive books/audio books

5. Get enough sleep. When you are well rested you use less time to complete certain


6. Practice self-discipline. Keep your commitments to yourself and keep your schedule

7. Organize and prioritize your work

8. Focus on the things that will give you the greatest result in the least amount of time

I will leave you with this, we have everything within us or around us to achieve our goals! Look widely!

For more information, Althea Walters can be found at @mygoaltracker email

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