Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Try

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Homemade Calendars

As we end this year and prepare to begin another, one traditional thing that happens is changing the calendars in your home. While new calendars may be given at various locations from businesses and individuals alike, you can actually create your own online. You can use familiar photos that you’ll love, and will mean something to the person receiving this gift. You can even do a photoshoot specifically for this purpose.

Homemade Teacup Candles

For teacup candles, all you would need are tea cups, candles wicks, candle wax, old crayons if you want to add colour, and scented oils. In about 30-40 mins, a teacup candle can be prepared and ready for use. This make very thoughtful gifts, and don’t cost much.

Handwritten Tea Towels

Yes, it is possible to scan and upload a handwritten letter, article or recipe, and print it onto tea towels for everyday use in this kitchen. This is a gift that is sure to make a sentimental impression, especially if the handwriting belongs to someone important to the person you are gifting.

Homemade Earring Dome Organizer

Earrings can tend to get lost or misplaced. In today’s society, both men and women have an affinity for these pieces of jewelry, and creating a homemade earring dome in 10 minutes would be a great and simple way to show your special person that you are thinking of them this Christmas. All you would need is polymer clay, toothpicks, a bowl, clay rolling pin, acrylic spray paint and a sanding sponge – or other materials that can suffice.

Homemade Map Coasters

You can get a small map of your recipient’s hometown, city or country and create DIY coasters that can serve as protection for furniture and a reminder of home. This gift is sure to be appreciated by someone who is far away from the family during this season.

The Takeaway

With gifts, it is really the thought that counts. These kind of presents may not seem to cost much, but the value they carry over the years and throughout generations is what will help to keep people and families together.

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