How To Have A Game-Changing Mindset for the New Year

Updated: Jan 6

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022! Please take the time to congratulate yourself – we’ve made it to see another year! Instead of focusing on resolutions and causing yourself anxiety, we would like to recommend slowly but surely choosing to change your mindset to one that is more helpful and encouraging. You can definitely see personal and financial growth this year!

Two Things To Remember

Firstly, you have a money blueprint. This is formed by your environment, the people you are around, and even your home life. How people around you treat money will inform how you treat your own money, and shape your money mindset. The second thing to remember is that money mindsets can be changed.

Different Types of Mindsets

Going forward, you can choose to have a ‘Poverty Mindset’. This is found when someone believes that there aren’t enough resources, or their views on available options for improvement are limited. A poverty mindset is only your fault when you wake up and choose to think from a place of lack, helplessness and low self-confidence.

A ‘Wealth Mindset’, on the other hand, places the power in your hands. You begin to see abundance everywhere, and make decisions and actions based off of this confidence. The more you believe it, the more you can see it; the more you see it, the clearer your necessary next steps become. This spreads to all aspects of your life, and eventually you will find that it was never just about money - all of life is rich.

The Takeaway

This year, make the choices you want to make, and be open to experiences that will build you for the better. It’s more than just finance – a wealthy mindset will allow you to see reality, beauty and opportunities for growth in all areas of your life.

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