How To Use Your Resources

Are you making use of all your resources in a way that helps you?


Resources are seen as an abundance of materials or personnel that can be used to help carry out an idea or concept for businesses and projects. These materials can include money, energy, experience, administrative duties, and labourers among other things.

Resource Management

Knowing where your resources are can help you with managing what you have available. In every industry, there are different factors to consider. For example, a social media influencer having a lucrative career would need business, videography/photography and social media resources. There would be shelter, electricity, and self-sustenance needs like food and water. People who help the influencer by means of doing delegated or representative work would also be counted as resources.

Take Stock of Your Resources

It is important to take note of all that you will need in order to make your business idea/concept work for you. If you want to be a taxi driver, your main resource would definitely be a vehicle that will be properly maintained and serviced. This means, then, that your resources would also include the passengers you transport, the mechanics who fix your car, the official personnel who will grant the necessary documents needed for you to be licensed, the gas station and staff, etc.

Plan Wisely

There is currently a global shipping crisis happening right now. In summary, lockdowns and curfew measures due to covid-19 have caused consumers to spend online much more than they would have. This causes a sharp increase for demands in goods, but the measures have also limited international cargo travel on airplanes, ships, etc. Other delays, such as the Suez Canal being blocked for six days in March 2021, have had major impacts on shipping routes. Companies now have to plan for higher shipping and delivery costs, storage fees, late fees, and higher prices for products that consumers will now have to pay more money for. In unforeseen situations like these, resources across the globe will be affected for many people and businesses and pivoting is how you can avert a business crisis.


It is key to state from early the goals and aims of the business or project you are embarking on. There must be an attainable end in sight, whether on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Being able to meet these goals can show you your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. In maintaining a progressive trend, you can re-allocate your resources to be used as little or as much as you decide, giving you more room to surpass your expectations at the end of each period.

The Takeaway

Once you are able to be aware of what and who you have access to, you can make plans to use your resources. It is good to be ethical and critically conscious of how we go about making our plans, and preparing for the unexpected must always play a role in how we make decisions. Upon finding solutions, our resources can bring us our expected results.

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