Owning a car or taking public transportation, which is better?


In today’s world, we have to be able to travel from Point A to Point B to do business, take care of ourselves and our families, and be involved in the activities that mean a lot to us. In the history of land travel, most would have walked, or ridden on horses, donkeys, and camels; today, we have buses, taxis and private cars.

Taking The Bus

For those who take the bus, there is the efficiency of getting to where you want to go without having to pay for the cost of maintaining the vehicle. There is usually a government operated/national bus system that works for the benefit of its citizens, and private bus operators can be found on the road as well. Covering great distances across the nation, the option of taking a bus is one that can work in terms of accomplishing the task of travel; however, this is the option with the least privacy and reliability in terms of timing.

Taking A Taxi

Taxis are a bit more ideal than taking the bus, if it is that time and convenience are higher up on your list. Many taxi operators ply the same routes as buses, and it takes less passengers to have a full taxi load which results in less stops along the journey. A bus, in contrast, can be expected to stop at every designated bus stop that it comes to.

Again, only the taxi fare has to be considered regarding expenses, and it’s a great option for those who would like the privacy of a regular car while not having to drive if they don’t feel like it. For a slight fare increase, the option of taking a chartered taxi can provide the same benefits of having your own car without the added responsibilities.

Driving A Car

Driving a car definitely comes with the most perks in terms of transportation. Though not as cheap as taking a bus or taxi, there is more control for drivers who go about their day. You can choose to buy a car, or rent it. This can provide safety, convenience, the ability to exercise preference, being able to master your time and space, complete privacy, and a faster means of travel in an emergency. The resulting side to this is that all the costs associated with owning a vehicle such as maintenance, insurance, fitness, possible repairs, and buying gas become yours. In comparison, it would be like choosing to live on a private property as opposed to renting a shared space with others.

The Takeaway

We all have to travel, and how we do so depends on our budget and choice of the life we want to live. Some can only afford the bus or taxi; some are able to afford driving their own car. While these are all viable means of transportation, working with what we can afford and manage will be what is most beneficial to us.

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