“Why Budget Leaf?” with Kerron Clarke

Is budgeting really important?

“Most definitely. Budgeting is basically planning your money; it doesn't matter how much money you make, or whether you're rich or poor. Planning for your hard-earned income is always wise. People usually approach budgeting with the wrong mindset, and because of this, they block their minds from the possibilities. If you view budgeting as planning your money and you align that plan with your priorities and future goals, you'll see how much easier your life will become.”

How does Budget Leaf make the process of budgeting easier?

“Budget Leaf reveals your bad spending habits. Before you can budget (plan), you first need to know where your money is going. With this knowledge, you can plan accordingly. Budget Leaf is a tool that allows users to plan and track their expenses whether personal or for business. Similar to counting calories and taking progress pictures when exercising, it's the same principle when tracking money. Simply put, if you know where your money is going, you can tell it where to go.”

What is the feedback from clients who use your planner?

“They are very grateful as they have found hidden money in their budget. You see, once they start using the book, they realize they have been wasting money and time on activities that don't align with their goals. The feedback has been great and our book has helped over 500 people to save and invest.”

What has your personal journey to financial stability been like so far?

“It started off very rocky. I was always told to budget, but I didn't understand the mechanics behind it - especially when I started to rent. I knew I was making enough money to cover my bills, but for some reason I always found myself in a 'hand-to-mouth' situation. I struggled with money for a really long time using different apps and spreadsheets, but my finances didn't start to improve until I adopted the budget method that Budget Leaf promotes, which is to create a zero-based budget and specifically track my money by writing.

Building the discipline at first was hard for me, but it became easier when I saw my savings growing. Four years later I am financially stable with businesses and assets. This was all possible because I decided to get discipline with my budget and self development. I created budget leaf not for profit but to give people a chance to take real control of their money and intern their life”

How would you describe Budget Leaf, in one sentence?

“A tool for people who want to budget right the first time.”

How can our readers contact you for more information?

“They can reach out to our IG page @mybudgetleaf.

They can also email

or call 876-439-7863.”

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